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Jonathan Alpert

Psychotherapist | Author


Jonathan Alpert has a psychotherapy practice in Manhattan where he sees a wide range of clients. His results-oriented and practical approach has helped hundreds of clients overcome major obstacles – including debilitating anxiety, depression, addictions, sexual issues and phobias and reach career and life goals they never thought possible. With a third of his practice focusing on relationships and sexual issues, he’s helped couples who were on the brink of separation dramatically improve their relationships and achieve fulfilling sex lives. Jonathan’s approach is to get you better, once-and-for-all. To that end, Jonathan asks you to set goals from day one, and helps you craft a strategy to reach them. He isn’t one of those therapists who nods his head and offers vague utterances of reassurance. His frank approach challenges you to think differently and change behaviors. Don’t be surprised when he incorporates homework into your treatment. Jonathan also coaches professionals, business leaders, performers, and athletes, helping them achieve optimal performance. To learn more about Jonathan’s approach to therapy, check out his hotly debated 2012 New York Times Op-Ed article In Therapy Forever? Enough Already.