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8 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life

As a psychotherapist over the past 15 years I’ve seen countless patients from all walks of life. I’ve worked with patients ranging in age from teenage to elderly. I’ve seen students, blue-collar workers, professionals, entertainers, billionaires, and some of the brightest and most talented business leaders and entrepreneurs of today. Regardless of the demographic, educational level, or bank account, there have been questions and things I have asked patients to think about that have resonated and served as a catalyst for them to make impactful changes and improvements in their lives. Click here to read the entire column.

Hoarding: A Problem Far Worse Than it Seems

Hoarding is more than just a reality show. It’s a real problem that can lead to significant impairment in one’s life. This was true with Beverly Mitchell, age 66, who was found dead in her Cheshire, Connecticut home on June 14, 2014. Authorities believe hoarding is what led to her house collapsing and ultimately taking her life. It is also said to be the culprit in a fatal New York City fire. These tragic incidents represent the worst case scenario of hoarding and are eye-opening to just how serious of a problem this can potentially be. Read Entire Huffington Post here.

Jonathan Alpert Media Reel

Jonathan Alpert’s media reel including highlights from his recent TV and film appearances.

Huffington Post: Are Smartphones Making Us Dumber?

The other day I was walking down a busy Manhattan street. Sidewalks were bustling with activity and were filled with people from just about every demographic imaginable. It was a typical summer Saturday afternoon in New York. Several strides ahead of me, I see a 20-something guy with his face buried deep in his phone, walk directly into a crosswalk, into a red light and into moving cars, without lifting his head, probably without even blinking, and obviously without thinking about anything but his texting.  Read the entire Huffington Post column here.

Jonathan Alpert: 8 Steps to Unleashing Your Inner Confidence

For most people, confidence is crucial to achieving success. Without it most will flounder, despite their talents or strength. I know highly-talented musicians, athletes, and business people who because they lack confidence don’t land the record deal, win their race, or start the business they’ve been dreaming of for years. Simply put, they’re held hostage by fear, and this stems from a lack of confidence. The good news is that they can change. Read my entire column here.

Huffington Post: How to Mindfully Ace That Job Interview

As a psychotherapist and executive coach I’m in a unique position to help clients develop smart strategies for winning job interviews and understand what’s going on in their heads and what’s holding them back. As we enter the summer, recent college graduates will be applying to jobs and landing interviews. The difference between being called back for a second interview or rejected is well within your control and lies in how you present yourself. Read entire column here.

Jonathan Alpert on the Today Show talking about stress

Is stress contagious? Jonathan Alpert answers this on the Today Show. April 2, 2014

How to Issue an Apology and Not Sound Like Donald Sterling

Annoyed with Agressive Driving? Don’t Take it Personally.

As we enter the Summer driving season this year, aggressive driving continues to be a problem throughout the United States as streets and highways are often where peoples’ emotions, dramas, stress, and anxieties play out. According to Safeco insurance, Four out of five drivers surveyed are negatively impacted by other drivers and 85% describe other drivers as “aggressive” on the road. Further, 82% report negative feelings because of how others drive. The good news: 72% said they’d make at least one change in their own behavior to make driving more pleasant. Think about that…Almost three-quarters of those surveyed are willing to make a positive change in an effort to improve a major societal issue that typically heats up around Memorial Day. To that end, in the spirit of “Paying it forward”, do something positive on the roads this Summer. Let someone merge more easily, give up a parking spot, and smile on the road. There’s no doubt, positive behavior encourages positive actions in others. You too can do your part.

Here are some more tips for dealing with aggressive drivers and driving:

  • Normalize the undesirable. Traffic, slow drivers and fast ones are all to be expected and are a normal part of being on the road in the driving community. Accept it. Consider leaving five minutes early to get to your destination as you’ll be more tolerant when you’re not running late.
  • Encourage good behavior by participating in Safeco’s Drive it Forward Fridays campaign. Be friendly and courteous on the road. Give up a parking spot. Or when it is safe to do so, allow other drivers to move into your lane. Being nice, but safe, reinforces similar behavior in others. You can also encourage positive driving actions on social media by using the hashtag #DIFF.
  • Ask yourself: what do I gain by being angry? What could possible happen if I am delayed 10 minutes due to traffic? Is it worth getting all worked up over a delay?
  • Know that you can play a significant role in whether an incident escalates to a level of violence/aggression

Jonathan Alpert Involved with Nationwide Anti-Aggressive Driving Campaign

Hello -

I’m involved with Safeco as a spokesperson for a nationwide anti-aggressive driving campaign that rolls out now through the Summer.  Look for me on national/local TV talking about it as well as in print media.

Here’s the Safeco page and press release:
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