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Why We Need to Start Looking Up from Our Smartphones

Recently I was walking down a busy Manhattan street. Sidewalks were bustling with activity and were filled with people from just about every demographic imaginable. It was a typical afternoon in New York City. Several strides ahead of me, I see a 20-something guy, with his face buried deep in his phone, walk directly into a crosswalk, into a red light and into moving cars. He did this without lifting his head, probably without even blinking, and obviously without thinking about anything but his texting.  Click here to read the entire column.

Jonathan Alpert on Turkish TV talking about technology dependence

I was recently interviewed by TRT World, a Turkish news channel.

Here’s a link to the clip.


The Best Ways to Prevent Work Burnout

Do you find that your work days drag on and on and you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to focus and get work done? Maybe you dread going to the office, feel entirely unfulfilled, and are disillusioned by your job? Simply put: You’re burnt out. You feel irritable, are impatient with colleagues or clients, and would rather be anywhere but at work. These symptoms, along with physical complaints such as headaches, stomachaches, and backaches, are the hallmarks of work burnout. Click here to read the entire column.

Dating Workshop in New York

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7 Surefire Tips for Sticking With Your 2016 Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again-the time when it’s hard to avoid such questions as “What are your New Year’s resolutions”. Attend a party or event, walk by a newsstand, and keep your ears open at a cafe-you’re likely to hear chatter from people about how 2016 is their year to finally accomplish weight loss, reach a goal, or make significant healthy changes in their lives. Click here to read the entire column.

How to Effectively Reject Consumerism and Enjoy the Holidays

With each passing year, more and more people seem to feel disenchanted at this time of the year by the rampant consumerism and commercialization that dominate the Holiday season. The holiday specials that were once unleashed only after Halloween we now see in full glory well before October 31. We are, after all, a nation driven by the dollar more than anything else, so this is not surprising. That said there are things that you can do to try to make a change, even if only within yourself and close circle of friends and family. Click here to read the entire column.

6 Powerful Strategies for Preventing Holiday Conflicts With Your Spouse

With Hanukkah upon us and Christmas and Kwanzaa not far away, the issue of interfaith relationships for many families comes to the fore and can pose a conflict. This can divide a couple and family, cause stress, and lead to uncertainty about where to spend the holidays and how to celebrate. Click here to read the entire column.

10 Smart Ways to Manage Workplace Gossip

Imagine you walk into your office and see colleagues chatting but then when they see you, they hush. Or maybe you notice people glancing at each other when you walk in -both these behaviors might suggest that you’re the subject of gossip and the information about you is false or negative while you are entirely innocent. There’s no doubt that it doesn’t feel good and you might be highly anxious, insecure, and unsure about where to turn.  Click here to read the entire column.

7 Ways to Stay Sane this Thanksgiving

As we approach Thanksgiving, family dramas and conflicts that have been kept at bay will inevitably resurface and issues will be stirred up. This is the time of the year when we feel obligated to see people we wouldn’t normally choose to see the other 364 days of the year. As such, I get an influx of patients consulting me for stress directly related to the holiday. This stress can have a profound impact on one’s health, mental well-being, and ultimately their work performance. Click here to read the entire column.

8 Ways to Stay Strong in the Wake of the Paris Terror Attacks

In the wake of the horrific and outrageous terrorism attacks in Paris this past weekend, people around the world, and most especially in Paris, are on high alert and feeling devastatingly anxious. Parisians certainly must not feel too different from how millions felt after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S. Although we are now 15 years post-911, terror is still very much a part of our society and only becoming more of a concern as hatred grows. Click here to read the entire column.