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7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Getting Stuff Done

If you’re like many of my clients prior to them seeing me, you might have a hard time getting started with projects and completing tasks. Maybe you do everything but what you need to be doing. Perhaps you watch TV instead of cleaning your house. You socialize instead of finishing a work project, or surf the Internet instead of writing that business plan you’ve been meaning to do for the longest time. Read entire column here.

8 Highly Effective Steps to Apologize and Get it Right

“I am sorry.”

Three simple words, yet they can be so hard to say, and so very powerful. These words, if said properly, can be the first step in making amends, correcting wrongdoings, and gaining back trust. Click here to read the entire column.

6 Ways to Kick Your Emotional Eating to the Curb

If food were a drug, for sure we’d have rehabilitation centers devoted to treating it much like those for drugs and alcohol. No doubt, there would be a stigma associated with it, funds would be set aside for food abuse education and treatment, and we’d see it portrayed more in our popular culture–but, that isn’t the case. Click here to read the entire column.

Want Better Sleep? Here are my ten tips for sleeping like a baby

There’s no doubt that sleep issues contribute to both mental and physical health problems and also to societal stress. In my office, I often see patients who have difficulty with sleep and this effects productivity at work.  Click here to read the entire column.

How Waiting, Wishing, and Blaming Will Keep You Stuck

At the heart of my book, Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days is fear and change. People fear change because they’re afraid of uncertainty and what they don’t know. In fact, fear is the epicenter of all unhappiness. It’s what lies behind every problem and is what keeps most people stuck and from pursuing great ideas. Read the entire column here.

Suicide: The Darker Side of Success

You might wonder why a man or woman who is smart, driven, innovative, and passionate about their work might turn to suicide. Why would someone who seems to have it all (or at least is headed in that direction) give up? Truth be told, successful business people, entrepreneurs, and executives are not immune from the deep and dark depression that plagues so many other people. As a matter of fact, they may even be more prone to it, according to what I’ve seen in my practice. Click here to read entire column.

The Best Way to Deal with Criticism

Many of my clients deal with fear of criticism. I see it in several aspects of their lives. At work people fear criticism from their managers and colleagues so they keep quiet and don’t share their opinions. They play it safe. At home people fear that they’ll be criticized by their spouse or partner so they don’t speak their mind. They back down when they sense conflict. Read the entire column here.

How NOT to Let Work Get Between You and Sex

Here’s my Inc column this week:

“I have no drive.”
“It feels like a chore.”
“I have too much work.”
“I have no time for sex.”

These are just some of the many things clients tell me about their current sex life … or lack thereof. Often they’ve been in relationships or married for a few years and lack the drive and desire for sex that they once had. Kids, stress, laundry, and chores are just a few of the things that they deem more important than sex with their partners.  Read entire column here.

Columns: Reclaim more of your time AND silence the bully

Here’s a link to my Inc. column this week.  It will help you to reclaim more of your time.
Also, Huffington Post picked up this column of mine on disarming the bully — just in case you didn’t see it when it ran on Inc.

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10 Reasons You Should Turn Down a Job Offer

If you’ve been fortunate enough to receive a job offer, the tendency might be to quickly accept it. Sometimes it seems like a no-brainer: The offer is made, the salary is competitive, and everything sounded good during the interview process. Well, not so fast. Don’t make the mistake that so many people do and simply say “yes” because the money is better. There are times, many times actually, when an offer is NOT a sign that you should pack up your current job and make a move. Click here to read the entire column.